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Life Sciences at Emerson Exchange

You can’t pick up an industry trade journal or attend a pharma/biotech conference without hearing about single use processing, managing quality and product data throughout the lifecycle of the process, continuous manufacturing, personalized medicine, reaching the unreached potential patient populations globally. And yes, these topics are really inter-related. 


Trying to go global and make personalized medicine may lead to a single use decision.  Single use and global leads to managing more data.  Reaching patient populations must be done economically, hence continuous manufacturing becomes a piece of the puzzle.


A Recipe Management Framework approach is one example of how we can create an innovative approach to lifecycle management for content, execution and visualization of product and process data, thus supporting delivery of products to patients.  At this year’s Emerson Global Users Exchange, we’ll be discussing this and more at our industry forum.

Here’s a preview of a few other sessions that will explore solutions for emerging Life Sciences challenges at this year’s Emerson Global Users Exchange in Denver, Co.

  •  Decreasing Batch Loss through a Proactive Approach to CPV
  •  Removal of Islands of Automation, a Practical Example
  •  SmartFactory, an Off-the-shelf, Highly Flexible and Universal OEM Single-use Solution with MES for Upstream and Downstream Processing
  •  SmartMES – Developing an OEM EBR Solution for Single Use Biotech


You can view abstracts for these and other sessions at the Emerson Exchange Life Sciences page.