Driving Sustainable Operations with Advanced Process Controls

Carbon Black WorldToday, at the Carbon Black World 2021 conference, Emerson’s Tiffany Tang presents with Tokai CB’s Roshan Ali, Mission Possible – Reaching Net-Zero Carbon Emissions with Advanced Process Control.

Here is the abstract from their presentation:

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has received increased attentions by the Carbon Black Industry over the last decade to conserve energy consumptions and reduce carbon emissions. Traditional manual control of the carbon black formation process and the lack of online analyzers in the carbon black industry make the ambitious net-zero carbon emission goal almost impossible to achieve. Model Predictive Control (MPC) as an emerging technology provides an effective means to close the control loops in the carbon black manufacturing process and help to reduce off-spec products and minimize energy consumptions and emissions. Tokai Carbon has been working with Emerson to pilot the MPC approach in the carbon black formation reactor. A neural network-based inferential model was first developed to provide continuous predictions of the product quality – Iodine (I2) number, which will be used in the MPC framework as a control variable (CV). MPC will be then implemented to close the control loop on the carbon black reactor by manipulating the oil-to-air ratio to control the I2 number to meet the product specifications. This will be one of the first implementations of MPC in the carbon black industry. The results of the pilot study will be demonstrated in this presentation.

If you’re there today at the conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, make sure to catch the presentation,

I’ll recap some of the highlights from the presentation in a future post.

For more on advanced control technologies such as Model Predictive Control, visit the DeltaV Advanced Process Control section on Emerson.com.

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