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HART-IP Brings HART into the Internet Age

The ARC Insight “HART-IP Brings HART into the Internet Age” notes that “The 25-year old HART protocol still provides the digital communication interface for the vast majority of process field devices in today's market”:


Problem is though, that 4-20 mA/HART is predominantly used only with a handheld field communicator or laptop with interface and software. Permanent ‘always-on’ integration of 4-20 mA/HART communication is still very rare for various reasons.

 ARC points out that WirelessHART is the most notable addition to the HART protocol. Since that time HART-IP has also been added as a third protocol. HART-IP, as the name suggests, is the HART protocol over IP network such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or 3G etc. ARC notes that “At present only a dozen or so HART products use HART-IP, mainly to provide a simple means to backhaul data from HART multiplexers and gateways in remote locations”. That is, HART-IP is predominantly used in WirelessHART gateways as a backhaul network to get the data from the wireless sensors to steam trap monitoring software, to asset monitoring software, and spectrum/waveform to machinery health management software, as well as device data to Intelligent Device Management (IDM) software from various manufacturers. That is, thanks to HART-IP, WirelessHART can be integrated into the IDM software associated with the control system from many manufacturers, not just Emerson. Learn more about HART-IP from these articles;

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