Top 10 Community Posts of 2017

Top 10 Community Posts of  2017

We launched the Emerson Exchange 365 Community in 2011. Each year, thousands of new automation professionals join the community and participate in increasingly robust discussions. 2017 was no exception.

The most viewed posts feature problem-solving insights regarding DeltaV, measurement instrumentation, final control, the Oil & Gas industry and the important topic of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education. Learn something new or contribute your expertise to the conversation by visiting the original posts using the links below.

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1. Triple-offset Valve Hits Safety—Uptime Home Run

Use Triple offset Valves (TOVs) to close part of the line instead of shutting down an entire process unit or plant Luca Vertova (Lucavertova) explains the safety and budget benefits of TOV’s and double-positive isolation in this presentation recap from Emerson Exchange.


 2. Integrating ModBus RTU with DeltaV

Integrating ModBus RTU data with DeltaV can provide operators with a clear, reliable way to view multiple types of information.  Learn more about connecting ModBus RTU with DeltaV in this robust discussion.


Temperature Sensor screen

3. Temperature Sensor Installation for Best Response and Accuracy

Engineering Expert and ISA fellow  shares the best practices for choosing the optimum Thermowell length, location and construction and why these factors matter when installing a temperature sensor in this educational blog post.



 4. Absolute Pressure Transmitter Calibration

When is it necessary to calibrate a pressure transmitter? Experts  and  provide a calibration tutorial in this discussion.  


5.  Petronas Fits LNG Plant on 365-meter Ship

Petronas and Emerson used digital automation technology and best practices in project execution to achieve an industry first! Read more about it in this recap article from this year’s Emerson Global Users Exchange.



 Pressure Regulator Diagram6. How Does a Direct-Operated Pressure Regulator Work?

  explains the history of pressure regulators, how their components function and how the attributes, lock-up and boost, can determine the accuracy of your regulators. Learn more in this illustrated 2-part series.



 7. Understanding Area Control Network (ACN) Switchover Events

What causes an Area Control Network (ACN) switchover and how can you quickly resolve it? Expert  answers these questions and more in this informative discussion.


8. Hybrid Lasers Stabilize Spectrometers for Emissions Monitoring

How did BP’s Cherry Point refinery use laser-based analyzers to achieve precise emissions measurements and ease the time-consuming (and potentially costly) task of meeting regulatory compliance? Check out the story of BP’s 50-day trial.


 I Love STEM Day at Emerson

9. Why & How to Introduce STEM Concepts Early

Emerson Executive,  made headlines this year by bringing visibility to the global concerns surrounding STEM education. Learn how parents and businesses can help create an early love of STEM concepts and work to increase the number of STEM graduates in this blog post.  



 10. Evonik Project Lighthouse Shines Light on Asset Health

At specialty chemical-maker Evonik, an energy-metering project started out as the implementation of a new instrumentation network but escalated into a much bigger payback. Their innovative reliability initiative currently sheds light on Evonik’s equipment health at multiple sites across Alabama, Louisiana and Nebraska. Learn more about Project Lighthouse.


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Chelsea McGovern

Web Content Specialist & EE365 Community Support Admin