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    • 16 Jan 2018

    IIoT in Steps for Monitoring Valve Health

    Manufacturers and producers can improve safety, reliability and efficiency by applying additional sensors, analytics and experts. Difficulties in installation have held back these improvements, but the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies have significantly reduced these barriers. One example of IIoT in action is featured in a Valve magazine article, Monitoring Valve Health via the Internet . Emerson’s...
    • 10 Jan 2018

    Are your Control Valves Gold Plated? How to Avoid Over-Specifying Control Valves

    This article describes issues often seen when reviewing end user technical specifications, and shows how process engineers can specify just what they need – and no more – when ordering valves, actuators, positioners and related accessories.
    • 5 Jan 2018

    Tank Blanketing Pressure Regulation Calculations

    In an earlier post, Sizing Tank Blanketing Regulators , we described changes in the API Standard 2000 – Venting Atmosphere and Low-Pressure Storage Tanks with the release of the 7 th edition. Emerson’s Steve Attri highlighted the changes from the prior versions of the standard and how these changes affected the sizing requirements of tank blanketing pressure regulators. I received an email with some questions...
    • 2 Jan 2018

    Low-Bleed or Standard Relays for Control Valves?

    Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holidays helped to recharge your batteries and get you off to a great start for 2018. I saw this exchange in my email over the holidays about the effects of using low-bleed relays with Fisher DVC6200 digital valve controllers for control applications as compared to standard relays. This question was in response to a blog post from many years ago, Positioner Pneumatic Pressure Bleed...
    • 18 Dec 2017

    Control Valve Noise-Induced Vibration Solution

    A presentation from this past October’s Emerson Exchange conference on control valve vibration problems was recently published by ControlGlobal.com. The article, Ethanol plant learns why pipe cracks , describes the problem-solving path to address this situation. Emerson’s Shawn Anderson and Adin Mann joined in an ethanol energy producer’s presentation to share the story of how the teamed with the...
    • 12 Dec 2017

    Reliable Control Valve Performance in Ethylene Production

    Olefins, also known as alkenes, are unsaturated hydrocarbons, use to make many petrochemical products such as plastics. Olefin production, including ethylene, propylene and butadiene products, requires tight control for higher throughput, more energy efficient, and more reliable operations. In an article from The Chemical Engineer, Increasing Ethylene Conversion and Plant Reliability , Emerson’s Blake Coleman...
    • 6 Dec 2017

    Fugitive Emissions Compliant Ball Valves

    In 2007, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published Leak Detection and Repair, A Best Practices Guide . Here is how the EPA describes this guide . Leaking equipment, such as valves, pumps, and connectors, are a large source of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and volatile hazardous air pollutants (VHAPs) The Leak Detection and Repair: A Best Practices Guide – is intended for use...
    • 17 Nov 2017

    Improving Valve Total Cost of Ownership

    An important metric for driving continuous improvement in the process industries is total cost of ownership (TCO). One of the methods to lower these costs is to standardize and limit variations on the plant equipment across sites and geographic locations. In a Flow Control magazine article, Improve Total Cost of Ownership with Valves , Emerson’s Christof Lindner shares ways that standardizing equipment, suppliers...
    • 10 Nov 2017

    Reliable Switching Valves for Ethylene Production Molecular Sieve Applications

    For a valve, zero leakage is defined as no visible leakage when tested at high pressure with water and low pressure with air according to existing international standards. Some of these seat leakage standards for control and isolation valves include ANSI/FCI 70-2/IEC 60534-4, API 598, MSS SP-61 and ISO 5208. ANSI/FCI 70-2 and IEC 60534-4. Emerson’s Vanessa triple offset valves (TOVs) were the first to provide bidirectional...
    • 6 Sep 2017

    Bulk Liquids Storage Pressure Control and Overfill Prevention

    You only have to watch accident investigation videos such as the U.S. Chemical Safety Board’s Filling Blind video to understand the importance of pressure control and overfill prevention strategies for storage tanks in oil & gas liquids production, refining and distribution of petroleum products. This is precisely the subject of the next webinar in the Bulk Liquids Storage Terminals webinar series which will...