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We have some issue with the SIS NET Repeaters it gives some errors such us " crossed" or "SIS Net Broken" that's related to optical fiber. even if we still have the communication but i have remarked that on DeltaV Diagnostic under the SIS Net Repeater connection list more than two sis net repeater gives one error message in the local_Peer_Status" Error rate exceed 5% percent"  in this time we lose the communication for a moment and it come back. it gives red cross and in that time we have to change the the status OPT to Always use value in order to avoid a trip.

The first step is to check all the FO link but it's not easy because all the platforms are running.

see the attached screenshots.




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  • Hello Marirh,
    I would recommend you to open a call with GSC, so they can help you troubleshoot your SIS Network, simply changing the configuration to Always use value may avoid a spurious trip (due to status), but if you do get loss of communication, you may create an unsecure situation.
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    Hello Tadeau ;

    it's already created with GSC, i will try to give him the maximum information related to this issue because we have more than five SISNet Repeaters that gives errors : Crossed or SISNet broken. the big challenge is to ensure intervention to check the the fiber optic link without any trip ,while we have a lot of secure parameters exchanged between sites.

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