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Master the Personnel Learning Gap at the Interactive Plant Environment

 In industrial applications, learning to be proficient in current technologies and turning personnel into true experts is both essential and challenging. Finding time to formally train your team can be challenging. Often training ends up being informal and task-based with a co-worker. This form of training is efficient but often not truly effective and typically defeats the purpose and methodology that is crucial to advancing skills and developing critical thinking. Emerson can bridge this gap with advanced training in the Interactive Plant Environment.

The Interactive Plant Environment provides an immersive, real-world, quality experiential training which builds skills quickly. Industry professionals can work on real solutions without the distractions, or implications of an actual plant, safely. Participants get hands-on mentoring from Emerson experts and get to apply/explore solutions without any risks.

The Interactive Plant Environment includes an oil and water continuous batch process, modeling a typical plant environment, where we can replicate your most common (and unexpected) process scenarios. Part of that process implements a magnitude of measurement points allowing participants to evaluate multiple technologies and performance characteristics within our plants. Emerson has designed this process to allow users to see beyond the tank walls.

The Interactive Plant Environment provides:

  • Scenario-based learning – Learn how to properly address real-world applications through our series of Emerson courses designed for Rosemount products
  • Build in-depth understanding of process applications and measurement points that are relevant to your industry
  • Apply hands-on learning with practical work orders and realistic workplace conditions
  • Apply and rehearse proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety measures
  • Identify potential process problems and learn their solutions –
  • Gain experience through coursework that logically transfers to your actual plant conditions

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