DVC6200F Calibration problems


We have Double Acting/Spring return/Air-to-close 228.6mm stroke valve with DVC 6200F.

There are few issues with this are :

1) Valve drives to 55% : when power is given through FF power supply and TREX communicator is being connected to DVC (by Communicator or ValveLink App), it drives valve to 50%, note that no calibration or stroke mode is yet selected, not even FF connection established, this happens just when DVC detects FF signal.

Note : this happens when the DVC FF Block is in AUTO mode, when it is changed to OOS mode, it goes to previous position when OOS mode was exited.

2) the valve have position error of (+) 4~5% at 25, 50 and 75 positions, 0 and 100% positions seem mechanically limited so errors are not possible to identify at those levels. we have tried AUTO CAL 2-3 times but the result is same.

Note : Characterization table option to remove the error is not acceptable to QC.

Pls advice, thanks.

  • In reply to Riyaz Ali:

    One more comment, please ensure that the roller is in contact with the cam and in line with the mark at the top of the cam. You can refer page 8 of Quick Start Guide D103556X012. You can download from Emerson website or send me your email to provide copy.