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Popup requesting for Visual Basic for Application (R) Core disk

Hi expert,

I have DeltaV Engineering station at my Uni and just finished installing Office 2013 to configure the Excel Add-ins feature for DeltaV Continuous Historian. The installation and Add-ins went smooth. Unfortunately, popup requesting for "Visual Basic for Application (R) Core" appear when I try to launch DeltaV Operate Run. Tried to uninstall Office but not solving the popup and Operate Run cannot be launch.

Need help.



  • As per DeltaV installation instructions, Office must be installed before DeltaV. If you install Office after, you might need to reinstall DeltaV exactly because it overwrites some VBA-related stuff. So: Uninstall Office, Uninstall DeltaV, Install Office, Install DeltaV.
    Maybe someone with better VBA knowledge can provide an easier way, but this is the supported one as far as I know.