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How to preserve the value of a EM parameter

We have an existing equipment module for which we have created a new internal read parameter, the desire is to have the parameter retain its current (online) value during a download. I know this can be achieved as we have another EM on the system where this has been achieved but currently I am unable to replicate this.

Due to this been a parameter within the EM we do not have the option to preserve critical or user defined values as one of the modules properties.

The parameter type is a Floating point with a category of Operating, however we have tested a number a variations but to no avail.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  • If you look at the EM properties, parameter download behavior, did you choose "Preserve user-defined and critical block values"?
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    This is not an option available for Equipment Modules
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    if you look at EM class properties , parameter download behavior , did you choose " preserve user defined values and critical block values "

    if you change in the class it will reflect everywhere where this EM is used .


  • Hi Ian,
    seems that you need to create an empty CM with that DL option set.
    You might have maybe some other calculations etc what you also move to this module.
    Set this as private module Block.
    Your parameter should be an Input or Output Parameter.
    That make it direct visible on EM top level at the module block.
    If you set the option preserve user defined parameter (don't know exactly wording, sit in the bus) then it will save all user defined parameters . If you need only some specific User Parameters then try to reference them to a calc/out. These are the only parameters from the critical block values which you can manipulate yourself.
    You can do an internal reference to the xx/OUTx if this values are not calculated continuosly.
    Play a bit around. You might check also the function Sysstatus which gives a pulse after a download, according the named Set.
    So you can even differentiate between total download, partial download or redu switch over.
    For a virgin CM which get downloaded the very first time even a single module dl will give the total dl result from sysstat. But that is clear , the parameter never had any value before.
    If you put such parameter rescues over a download into an init action and set in_d to 1,
    It can do some value rescue just for the first module cycle after a download and then set the in_d back to 0.
    If you need more examples then just msg.
    I will collect it and send it to you
    I have used that many times
    Best Regards