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Unresolved Reference Report

I've built my own in the past. Is there a smarter way to get this? 

Clicking on the 'display unresolved references' command for each module in diagnostics is not a good use of my time when there may be hundreds of them.  I'd prefer to only have to click that once per controller and get the report for all modules.

Verify without download doesn't get that either. 

Any ideas would be appreciated.  thanks.

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  • Furthermore,
    the report for each module gives me somewhat cryptic reponses such as:

    MODULEPARAMETER>1>UNRESOLVEDMODULEPARAMETER.FIELD (not sure what the 1 means, sometimes it's a 2)

    [0]MODULEPARAMETER.FIELD (not sure what the [0] refers to or why it is repeated from the first reference type for the same module)

    [1]UNRESOLVEDMODULEPARAMETER.FIELD (this seems to happen when a reference is inside an expression, but the report doesn't tell me for which module block)


    Ideally, a useful report would be

    ...omitting field for dynamic or reference type parameters
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    Is there an easy way found yet for this?
  • I used the DeltaV Excel add-in tool to read in the Modules MSTATUS parameter into an excel sheet.

    I then converted this number into 16bits.

    The bit that indicates the precense of an unresolved reference should be 6bit going by my excel sheet.

    As its excel once you have it setup for one module, just drag for however many modules you which to check. 

  • In reply to Frank Kelly:

    You can get the list of items that have unresolved references per controller very easily by clicking the column heading UnresRef twice so all of the Yes will be at the top in diagnostics list. This method is very time consuming when you have many controllers and many items with the issue in each controller and I believe he was looking for a quicker/better report than going thru each item individually per controller and clicking Display Unresolved References on each item with UnresRef marked Yes.

    This report would be a good request to submit to User Driven Enhancement Program at https://userideas-emerson.com/