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Are you currently running DeltaV™ Operate for PROVOX™ (aka DVOP) and wondering what the future is for DVOP?

DeltaV Operate for PROVOX (DVOP) was initially released on v7.1 in 2002. The final release of the DVOP solution will be v13.3.1, and it is planned for release in December 2016.  Conventional Software Support for v13.3.1 is expected to last through the end of 2021.

The DeltaV and DVOP software must be the same revision. Until DVOP v13.3.1 is released, DVOP v12.3.1 is available and compatible with DeltaV v12.3.1 software.

The DVOP v12.3.1 software update is available to active PROVOX Sustain Support agreement customers and/or active DeltaV Guardian customers with an existing DVOP license.  DVOP v12.3.1 is available to download from the Guardian site.

Some of the DeltaV hardware/software options available to migrate your PROVOX DCS are;

  • Controller replacement using the M and S-series DeltaV Migration Controller Interface for PROVOX I/O solutions where only the existing PROVOX I/O files and termination panels are left in place.

  • I/O File replacement using FlexConnect™ Solutions that only retains the existing PROVOX termination panels.

  • System replacement using I/O on Demand – Electronic Marshalling solutions for modernizations; 19 inch rack mount CHARMs and CIOC mounting solutions that will fit in your existing PROVOX cabinet enclosures.

Contact your local Emerson office / business partner for assistance with accessing your updates or to be notified when the v13.3.1 release is available.

Scott Ross

Emerson Automation Solutions