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Graphic button with username and password


Wondering if there is a way to add a username and password to a graphical button's functionality?

To have the button perform its function, you would have to sign in withy your credentials.


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  • Not aware of a call in DeltaV to perform a windows user credentials check, other than Electronic Signature. The Esignature is applied to a module parameter and can require the user to enter his user password and also optional require a second user to validate. You would have to structure your button to perform this signed write and I guess use the value written as the trigger that a valid user had performed the check successfully.

    If your button were to generate a temporary value (number or string) in a variable and write this through the Esignature to a module parameter, the console script could fire On_Change or ONWrite. It should first confirm that the value matches the temporary variable in the console, thus confirming that the change in value was initiated from that console. Then it clear the variable and the module value as part of its execution. I'd want to have a way of knowing the change in value has been made through the Esignature validation and not bypassed in a clever way I won't go into.

    A bit clunky, but I don't think there is a way to perform a credential check and receive a result directly with Operate or Live, other than a DeltaV Logon request. But maybe there is...

    By the way, are you using Operate or Live.

    Andre Dicaire

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    Technically there are "ways" to do this in Operate using DLL's with VBA but I would STRONGLY discourage doing this because this can't be replicated in Live. You should do something with Esignatures that Andre has described above.
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    Thank you for responding
    Wondering if you would have an example of the Esignature as a module parameter, and how you would attach this to a graphical button
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    In Books-Online you can find some help under Configuration->General Configuration->Electronic signatures overview.