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Parameter D_ACT not found

Hello everyone,

I am currently facing the issue that DeltaV Live tries to use a parameter that is not defined. A rectangle is supposed to change colour as soon as the Alarm Parameter B/DO.CV comes up. DeltaV Live however, wants to interact with the parameter B/D_ACT.

I should add, that the implementation works as intended. The alarm goes off and the parameter I added triggers the rectangle to change colour. Nontheless DeltaV Live shows a broken heart (in the picture on the top left corner).

Has anyone faced this issue before? How can I solve it? Why would DeltaV try to interact with a parameter that is not defined in the first place?

Kind regards and thanks for any help!


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  • I've typically found there to be some other configured animation or data link that causes the issue at runtime. That is, your reference to DO.CV is fine, and working, but something else is referencing B/D_ACT.

    Does the Red Heart Error only appear when this display is up? i.e. its not related to a pop up or alarm banner? If it only appears when display is called, have to conclude it is something in the dispaly.

    I'd run a verify on the display and see if that reveals where the reference is: a script, an animation, etc.

    Andre Dicaire