DeltaV Service is stopped after rebooting

DeltaV Service stopped after rebooting the OPC workstation. It is Server 2016 (domain Server) and DeltaV is V14.3. Moreover, PCinstall is not running.

Whenever I try to start the DeltaV service or any other services, it shows " 

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  • Are you running v14.3 as you stated or v14.3.1? 14.3 is an engineering release and must be upgraded to service pack when it becomes available. There is no support for the engineering release once service pack release is out. Now also known as v14.LTS.

    What other activity has occurred on this computer since it last was rebooted successfully? has there been any install of new software or an OS security update? There is a record of this occuring following a Microsoft security update installation. The recommended action was to uninstall that patch and to install the latest approved security update from Emeron.

    There are also dependencies on some services and they cannot start without those other services running. I don't currently have access to my system to list them. You may need to track down and verify if one of them is not started or fails to start.

    If the services Account password was modified without using the ServPWD.exe too, the services will not have been updated to use the new password, preventing them from starting. This account must be defined with the same password across the system. If the password has been forgotten/lost, you will have to run this utility on each DeltaV machine to set all of them to a new password.

    You can rerun Workstation configuration, which will eventually prompt you to set the password for the services account, along with reinitializing all the setup information. You will need the DevData.cfg file from DeltaV Explorer to get the station reconfigured.

    Since this is v14.3, you should be upgrading to v14.LTS. That is an offline upgrade for PK, EIOC, SZ. You can also choose to reinstall the software on this computer. Services don't typically just stop working on their own. IF not a change in OS or passwords or software install, it could be a file corruption. Verifying the hard disk for file errors might reveal something. But I'd start with the simpler more obvious reasons, like password change.

    Andre Dicaire