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Control Module Parameter Limitation

Good day, Experts.

I looked through books online to see if there were any restrictions on the parameters we could create within the control module, but I couldn't find anything.

Batch system capacities were discovered to be as follows, but some have no limitations but are limited according to the recommendation.

Can anyone tell me what the limitation and recommended number of parameters that can be created inside the control module are?

Thank you very much.

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  • There is another Books Online article entitle "Capacity limits for controllers" which talks about specific control module limitations.

    There is no hard parameter limit per module, however the capacity could be limited by other factors. Parameters take up memory as well as have reads and writes occurring and there are recommendations for maximum communication rates for good stability. But one module with 1,000 parameters vs. 100 modules with 10 parameters are very similar in loading, so you have look at the overall controller capacity to make a determination for your specific case.

    There is a published limit of 250 function blocks per module and no more than 6 nested layers of objects in a control module.