Connecting with Experts in the Spring Event Season

Spring is a busy time for industry events and conferences. Emerson is reprising some of the “Best Of” presentations from last fall’s Emerson Exchange conference. Coming up next week, March 7-9, will be the Emerson Exchange Virtual Edition. There is no charge for reserving a spot. Browse the Session Catalog for sessions that you might want to catch.

2023 Spring Meeting and 19th Global Congress on Process SafetyThe following week, March 12-16, is a face-to-face meeting in Houston, Texas, the 2023 Spring Meeting and 19th Global Congress on Process Safety. Some of the Emerson presenters and topics include:

Follow the links for the dates and times of these sessions.

Greg shared a preview of his Control Valve Modeling and Control presentation with me. The focus is on improving valve response for better process control loop performance.

He will discuss open-loop valve response testing, valve response modeling, external reset feedback, volume boosters for large actuators, and equations to estimate limit cycles, loop performance, rangeability, and installed flow characteristics. He will highlight the effects of lost motion (backlash), resolution (stiction), poor positioner sensitivity, and slow stroking time from large actuators.

He’ll also share examples of response requirements on valve specifications and best practices for control valves and variable frequency drives.

Greg will also be giving away free copies of two of his books, Advances in Reactor Measurement and Control and Process Control Case Histories, to session attendees who would like copies.

These aren’t the only events to sharpen your control & automation skills, but both have wonderful opportunities to connect with experts to help your professional development.

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