Building Your Process Control Knowledge and Expertise

One of the many Greg McMillan booksI caught up with process control legend Greg McMillan the other day. Over the past decades, he has tirelessly shared his process control and modeling expertise. You only have to do an Amazon Search on Gregory K. McMillan to see all the books he’s published over the years. And that doesn’t count all the articles, in-person presentations, webinars, and videos he created over the years.

I mention all this because, in our conversation, some of his important articles became no longer available when the International Society of Automation (ISA) reorganized its website. Thankfully, Greg had copies of these articles, so I agreed to host them on this blog. In this post, I’ll share links to the five articles that are no longer available online. In subsequent posts, I’ll highlight each piece in greater detail.

Here are the five articles:

  1. Temperature measurement, control key to plant performance
  2. Feedforward control enables flexible, sustainable manufacturing
  3. Enabling new automation engineers
  4. Wireless – Overcoming Challenges of PID Control & Analyzer Applications
  5. How to Avoid Common Tuning Mistakes

These articles alone should boost your knowledge in improving operational performance. But there are many more places to download some of Greg’s expertise. This Gregory K. McMillan YouTube search reveals quite many results. Or search Greg McMillan on the and sites. There are also many Greg McMillan posts here on Emerson Automation Experts. And one that occurs to me as a final catchall is to do a Google search on “Gregory K. McMillan”.

If you want to become the next-generation process control legend, following these links and spending some time is an excellent place to start. Also, consider reaching out to join the ISA Mentor Program. This expertise is broadly needed, and you’ll set yourself up for an amazing career.

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