Digital Valve Services for Improved Operational Performance

For process manufacturers & producers, the performance of final control elements including valves, actuators and regulators has a major impact on their efficiency, reliability and variability. Knowing how these final control elements are performing and when they need attention can improve overall operational performance.

This short 3-minute video, Digital Valve Services, highlights a portfolio of tools that provide operational data that is supplemented by OEM expert support to help keep valves operating as expected.

The video opens showing conditions that can affect valve performance such as sticking, leaking, flashing, cavitation and high friction conditions. Traditionally these problems were identified through periodic manual inspection. However, a shrinking workforce and retiring in-house technical expertise make these inspections tedious and costly.

Emerson’s Digital Valve Services provides site data collection tools & safety procedures with the support of OEM valve experts to analyze and provide actionable information to maintain performance of the valves with efficiency and effectiveness. The tools streamline service engagements, provide equipment performance data, highlight safety practices and enable data collection to feed decision making.

One example of these digital tools include RFID-based Asset Management Tags, to accurately and safely collect & process construction and service data about the valve assembly.

For maintaining optimal valve performance, the Valve Condition Monitoring Service, a Connected Service offering within the Plantweb digital ecosystem, enables early identification of issues through non-intrusive diagnostics. These diagnostics are analyzed by Emerson valve experts who recommend solutions to restore optimal performance. For complex problem-solving situations, Remote Assistance via augmented reality technology enables OEM support directly to the technicians on site.

We’ll explore Asset Management Tags and Valve Condition Monitoring in more detail in future posts.

For more on ways to improve operational performance through optimal valve operation, visit the Digital Valve Services page on You can also connect and interact with other final control experts in the Valves, Actuators & Regulators group on Emerson Exchange 365.

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