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Valvelink on Trex calibrators

I am using the standard valve link as is the default install on our Trex units to carry out set-up and diagnosis of DVC6200 AD and PD positioners. I can use the step change functions to analyse dynamic response, but when making changes to dynamic response parameters, I cannot find the stabilise / optimise routines. When I log out of valvelink, I can find them in the generic HART application and I can use them, but then I have to go back into valvelink to progress with analysing the modified response. Is there a reason why I cant find stabilise / optimise inside valvelink?

Also, I cannot find the performance tune function that should be available on both the PD and AD positioners. I cannot find this in either the Trex unit version of Valvelink or in the generic HART application. Can you advise how I can access this performance tuner function.


Jeff Richards

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  • Dear Jeff, Sorry for delay in response. I thought someone may have responded to you.
    The stabilize optimize function and performance tuner was never designed into ValveLink Mobile. Also, for performance tuner, we have included note in the FIELDVUE DVC6200 HW2 manual for FW7 that it is only available in ValveLink Software (excluding mobile).
    I would encourage you to have VL license for ValveLink installed on your PC to get full benefit of FIELDVUE DVC6200 rich diagnostics. If you could please advise your current geographical locations, we would have our local impact partner in region to contact you further support your good queries related to Trex, ValveLink, FIELDVUE etc.