Who specify control valve accessories?

I am reviewing purchasing package of a bulk buy of control valve in one oil and gas company.

I noticed that some control valve consists of solenoid valve, switches, boosters etc while some other not.

i am wondering for these major oil and gas company, when they do a bulk buy of control valves to suit several tag locations, who (End client's spedification? major designer of the plant? Control valve vendor?) is responsible and at what stage to specify which control valve accessories that is required?

Or if i ask my question from another angle: how do the control valve vendors (fisher / flowserve / masoneilan) know they need to include a solenoid valve or switches into an assembly and how do they know what specification is suitable for these accessories?


  • Won_Lek,

    Great question and depending on your location we have sales offices located throughout the world for your convenience that can work with you and our end users to identify if such accessories are needed based on their process conditions / speed requirements. Please use this url and enter your address and it will show you which sales office you should contact: www.emerson.com/.../contact-us

    In the "Connect With" drop down please choose "Sales & Distribution" and then under the brands drop down choose "Fisher" or any other Emerson owned brand, sales offices will then populate below and in your area as per your address.

    There is also an online chat feature at this site in the event you run into issues.

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  • Won_Lek,

    Almost all modern control valves include an air-filter/regulator and a positioner as the most basic accessories.

    In addition to this, accessories may be offered to modify the stroking time (making the valve move faster or slower). The end user typically specifies the stroking time required and the valve manufacturer determines the accessories required (like volume boosters, poppet valves, special filter/regulators, needle valves etc.) that may be required to achieve these stroke times.

    A solenoid is typically used to override the traditional DCS control of the valve and move it to an open/close state. The end user must specify the solenoid requirement as this has to do with his control philosophy rather than valve operation. The same logic applies to accessories like limit switches, as these do not impede the operation of a control valve, but rather provide additional data to the end user to implement his control logic. The end user must specify the limit switch requirement as well.

    Please let us know if you have further questions.


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