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Valve body lifetime


Do valve bodies have a lifetime after which they should be changed? they do become and be called obsolete, like actuators and other electronic devices?

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  • Hello John, Generally valve bodies are designed to last a long time under normal conditions. I'm unaware of any designated time for a valve body replacement. Most of my experience I'm going to offer is based on Solenoid Valves however may apply to other valve body types generally. Most valve bodies can handle a wide variety of compatible media. Water, Oil, Inert-Gas. and most valves are designed to be rebuilt, in that rebuild process it is recommended to clean the "wet" surface areas of the valves. Replace all parts that may be included in rebuild kits and components. Next, its always recommended to use strainers or filtration for most media as contamination that enters a valve body may erode, or wear down the valve body materials prematurely. Most manufacture have a warranty of limited time on the entire valve. Since all media is not equal it is unknown if the end user will use preventive measures, do maintenance, or miss-apply the valve in an application. therefore limited warranty (typically 1 year for SOV) on valves that last for years must be in place. As I'm replying I'm thinking of many troubleshooting examples, far too many to list here. I defer to other experts to add more information.
  • John, This is an intriguing question with many different layers of complexity to it. If you were able to provide additional insight into the nature of the question that may help us answer it. Hypothetically, if you were able to eliminate the presence of corrosion, erosion, and any other flow phenomena and assume proper valve sizing and selection the valve body could potentially last decades.

    If you' like to provide more detail please feel free to send me a note at Mark.Nymeyer@emerson.com and I'd be glad to help connect you with an expert.