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Valvelink Database Export/Import


I would like to know the following:

1) Is it possible to export the database from Valvelink SOLO version and import it in AMS Device Manager with Valvelink SNAP ON (with different system ID)?

2) Is it possible to export the database from AMS Device Manager with Valvelink SNAPON and import it on the system with different system ID?


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  • Q1) yes. Use the Export tag Data... function in ValveLink SOLO under the Tag tab. To import into AMS DM use the import ValveLink Data. Right Click on AMS Device Manager at the top of the tree in explorer view
    Q2) Yes. Use the same method as question one except for use valvelink snap-on for both import and export.
  • Hi Shaiq,

    Yes, a multi-tag export file from ValveLink Solo to AMS ValveLink SNAP-ON and same for ValveLink SNAP-ON to another ValveLink SNAP-ON.

    Please note that when working with ValveLink Solo to ValveLink SNAP-ON imports in a new devices are going to show up as spares in the AMS database.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,