Reduce Process Noise Without Pressure Drop

Oftentimes, compressible fluid flowing through piping creates high aerodynamic noise levels. These noise levels can induce safety concerns for plant staff, leading to equipment damage through vibration and process control issues. It’s critical to address this challenge to operate safely and reliably. One way to address this challenge is with the Fisher WhisperTube Modal Attenuator. This technology offers full-bore aerodynamic noise reduction for all sources upstream, with no impact on process flow.

This short 2:45 YouTube video shows how the Fisher WhisperTube Modal Attenuator works and what sets it apart from other noise reduction technologies. It is a full-bore device offering 15-decibel sound suppression to reduce noise inside pipes produced by sources upstream, such as control valves or other equipment. It is installed downstream of these devices in place of a pipe spool piece, generates no additional pressure drop, and does not impact process flow.

In addition, the video describes how high flow rates, process pressures, and turbulent flow can create these high noise levels in compressible fluid applications. Acoustic installation only muffles this noise instead of treating the cause. The damaging effects of this noise remain. Other solutions to reduce the noise at the control valve causes reduced flow capacity and can increase the risk of clogging.

The Fisher WhisperTube Modal Attenuator addresses these issues for sound suppression in pipeline and control valve applications. It has a straight-through flow geometry with an inside diameter (ID) that matches the pipe ID and is installed in place of a spool piece. It creates no additional pressure drop.

This noise suppression is made possible using internal acoustic cavities of varying sizes surrounding the cylindrical screen. Each cavity targets a range of frequencies and creates acoustic wave reflections that cause a cancellation effect, resulting in reduced noise propagation downstream. You can retrofit the WhisperTube into noisy, problematic applications or pair it with new control valves or other equipment to attenuate noise without affecting the process.

Visit the Fisher 6060 WhisperTube Modal Attenuator page on for more on this technology and how it can help enable safer and more reliable operations.

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