How to Maintain Direct-Operated Pressure Regulator

Last week, I highlighted a high-capacity, direct-operated pressure regulator, the Fisher 627BM regulator. In our continuing series of “How to” videos, here is a follow-up video shared with me by Darren Mann on how to maintain and service these pressure regulators.

This 3:17 video, Maintaining the Fisher 627BM Direct-Operated Pressure Regulator, guides viewers through the procedures required to maintain the new Fisher 627BM pressure regulator. This regulator has a balanced trim design to maximize inlet pressure ratings on the largest orifice size, thus maximizing capacity. It is ideal for gas applications requiring high pressures, significant flow rates, fast speed of response, and tight lockup performance.

For more, you can follow these links for the instruction manual, an overview of how pressure regulators work, and the Pressure Regulators section on for the whole family of pressure regulator technologies and solutions.

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