Discussing Industry Direction with Peter Chin

final control devices in operationThe industrial landscape is undergoing a substantial transformation as environmental concerns gain traction. In an editorial titled “Exploring Industry Changes” in the April 2024 issue of Fugitive Emissions Journal, Peter Chin, Vice President of Marketing for Emerson’s Final Control Business Unit, provides insight into the connections between new technologies, operational reliability, and environmental sustainability.

Career background

Prior to joining Emerson in 2007, Chin gained experience in product development, operations, and preventative maintenance at a British engineering firm, and he attained an MBA from Washington University. In the late 2000s, he had the opportunity to relocate to China as a leader of the Asia Pacific Industrial Regulators Business Unit, where he gained firsthand exposure to dynamic industry growth.

Last year, Chin took on his present role, where he uses his expertise to communicate and form partnerships with industry professionals to enhance productivity, reliability, safety, and sustainability through innovative valve solutions.

The cost of shutdowns

Unplanned downtime may occur for several reasons, including the activation of safety systems that result in a shutdown. These shutdowns are wasteful because they may result in product losses, and restarting the process often requires substantial energy consumption.

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