Advice at the Device™︎ for Your Valves

I wanted to ensure you saw the news: Emerson’s New Digital Valve Controller First to Offer Embedded Edge Computing to Streamline Workflows, Optimize Performance. With the ongoing exodus of expertise due to retirements across the globe, having Advice at the Device can help.

The FisherTm FIELDVUETm DVC7K is the industry’s highest performing, most reliable valve controller and the first to include embedded prognostics


The FisherTm FIELDVUETm DVC7K digital valve controller offers Advice at the Device technology with real-time analytics for valve health diagnostics and prescriptive corrective actions. In a article, Advice at the Device—and remotely, Emerson’s Tom Brandau is quoted on the history of digital valve controller technology.

“In the early 1990s, we were the first to digitize with FisherTm FIELDVUETm DVC5000 and its microprocessor-based design, which let users receive data values and perform calibrations remotely… These innovations continued with FisherTm FIELDVUETm DVC6000, which was double-acting and had a modular design that was easier to use and more reliable. The next major advance was FisherTm FIELDVUE DVC6200 in 2009, which was truly non-contacting, separating the controller from the valve linkage. This resulted in far less vibration and adverse feedback, and increased reliability 10 times compared to the feedback from traditional magnetic technologies.”

The article highlights the innovations in the DVC7K.

“It employs real-time edge computing to deliver diagnostics, alerts and recommendations to improve the performance, reliability and uptime of on-off and control valves and their processes. DVC7K can be specified for all new valve purchases, retrofitted to most existing valve installations, and quickly and easily commissioned via its local user interface.”

Tom highlights the importance of local and remote access to diagnostic information and recommendations for next steps.

“The step change now is useability and connectivity… DVC7K still has 4-20 mA HART, but now it also has Bluetooth for diagnostics, calibration and receiving software updates, as well as a local interface for ‘Advice at the Device.’ Plus, DVC7K doesn’t just monitor and report on process values. When it detects a problem, it provides alerts that are viewable locally or remotely, along with recommended actions, which is a new and unique feature. This eliminates many former obstacles, such as going out to the field, clipping on a HART communicator, and running data through FisherTm FIELDVUETm ValveLinkTm Mobile Software or another asset management system.”

He shares more on the value of the recommendations.

“The local user interface provides alerts about issues like low supply pressure, friction or leaks, but instead of just delivering data, it recommends fixes like checking regulator air settings or tightening packing… Just as users need knowledge to interpret and form conclusions, DVC7K develops do’s and don’ts based on the data it receives, and it can tell users if they’re out of spec or out of bounds, suggest several options, and push them to a host system. We push alerts about deeper diagnostics, rather than relying on an asset management system.”

Here’s a quick 34-second YouTube video introducing the Fisher FIELDVUE DVC7K.


Visit the Fisher FIELDVUE DVC7K Digital Valve Controller page on for more on the capabilities, specifications, and documents & drawings to add the expertise you need for the valves throughout your facility.

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