Positioner-Only Configuration on Digital Valve Controller

I wanted to share a quick question and answer in an email exchange in case you may have a similar question sometime down the road. The original question was:

The Project is about installing two manual Fisher control valves but we want to modify it to include obtaining feedback positions back to the Control Room. (ZSC/ZSO).

Can we configure the DVC6200 just for only positioning purposes only? If this is possible, how do I bypass other functions provided by the DVC6200?

I asked Riyaz Ali about this question. You may recall him from many posts here on the blog.

Riyaz responded:

Emerson's Riyaz Ali

Absolutely you can do this if you have a Fisher DVC6200 HW2 with the I/O option. You can use only the position transmitter function (AI – 4-20mA) alone without the positioner function (without connecting to Loop + or -).

The design concept that Emerson’s Fisher brand team has developed is based on requirements gathered at technical exchange meetings with many of the global oil and gas producers.

This requirement was derived from a situation where in digital world oil and gas producers do not want to change the hardware in field and be able to use the same hardware by changing the software configuration to drive different functionalities.

The DVC6200 HW2 I/O provides an advantage because the positioner function and position transmitter functions are completely independent of each other.

You can connect and interact with other valve controller and positioner experts in the Valve Controller & Positioners group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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