Radar type 3301 (LT-32022)

Dear sir,

please help me in below issue:

"i have 3 radar transmitters (LT-32021,32022,32023)mounting on 3 LPG bullet. I access on it by using RCT software to get full configuration data and the plot.

the problem at the second (LT-32022) is when level reaches to zero(zero level at transmitter), it is still approx. 2 hour on this reading and after that LSL of the bullet is triggered.

and when the bullet is start filling, there is no level appeared untill waiting also two hours. At the other hand, when comparing the parameters of the three transmitters,found Near zero end=0 only for the second and for the two is 1.3 m.

please review the data and plot to guide me what is the problem and if there is problem in the other or not.....