Pipe Wall Thickness Modifier at Thermowell Calculation

Dear  Expert,

Please advise when/what application the Pipe Wall Thickness Modifier at Thermowell Calculation will be used?

is it related if WFC for frequency ratio above 0.4 (i.e 0.6 < f < 0.8) ?

And how about 4-way welded gusset ? any reference for this application


  • Hi Rabendra,

    the pipe wall thickness modifier is a modification to the calculations being used by some oil and gas companies that essentially makes the calculations more conservative. They sometimes employ gussets which are on the pipe nozzles to strengthen them and as a result it changes the calculations. Based on some internal studies and testing we adjust the calculations to take these certain changes into account. This is NOT part of the ASME PTC 19.3TW and if you don't use gussets I'd recommend you ignore this in your calculations and don't select it. If you need more information please reach out to me and we can discuss this more

    Timchan Bonkat