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GWR Rosemount 5300 series - with Concrete sump pit & GRE/FRP stilling well; Abnormal reading

Our application : GWR Rosemount 5301 - single rigid probe installed at concrete sump pit with GRE/FRP Plastic stilling well and flange.

Why in empty pit condition, the normal reading become at maximum URV. Not reach 0%.

Geometry of pit :

Thickness 200 mm of concrete pit;

Flange Height : 150 - 250 mm.

single rigid probe lenght : 4000 mm

Please advise how to resolve this abnormal reading.

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  • Hello Aldi!
    In order to give you our best support, we would really like if you could supply us with some more details, such as: Have you always experienced this issue or did it happen all of a sudden? Did this happen during a special part of the operation (i.e. during cleaning)?
    If you have experienced this problem since day one, we assume that you are looking at the analog output - and in such case the problem may very well be due to the configuration of the analog output:
    If you set the analog output up to alarm when it measure outside the measuring range, the analog output will go into alarm state when the vessel is empty - and alarm state is normally "high".
    Kind regards,
  • In reply to Ingemar Serneby:

    Hi Ingemar

    This finding during first commissioning (problem since day one). First power up the reading is maximum URV.
    The configuration of the analog output/failure direction is Burn Down (Low).
  • In reply to Rabendra Aldi:

    Hello Aldi!
    As you have had this issue since day one, it is liekly that it is due to a configuration error of the device. If you for instance cut the probe or use the transmitter head together with a probe that it was not originally delivered with, you can hae a disccrepancy between the actual (physical) probe length and the probe length that is keyed in in the device database. If then the device use the wrong probe length, it will not find the actual probe end echo in the expected area and the device will then go into error, which very well might be a "high" value. As a first step I would thus recommend you to verify that the physical probe length match the probe length value that is keyed into the device settings.
    I would also recommend you to check that the device is not set up to go into alarm when measuring outside its measuring range.
    It would be really helpful to get the database file and also some plots from the device when the vessel is empty.
    Kind regards,