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Process temp limit for the pressure transmitter

I am introducing a High-temperature F.G to an existing process line in which instruments are installed (pressure transmitter 2051T silicon filled fluid). want to do a check that the existing instruments will withstand the new high temperature. Which engineering/technical document will give me that information. I looked in the datasheet which shows to derate the ambient temperature with 1.5:1 ratio and we can use up to 121 C. what is the factor of safety, what will happen if I use the same type of transmitter on 230 C process temperature? any idea!

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  • Thank you for your question. You are correct that the 2051T is rated to 121C at the diaphragms. This limit takes into account the fill fluid and also the electronics. This fill fluid (silicone 200) has a boiling point of 205C and would vaporize at 230C. Also, the electronics located near the sensor may not operate properly at that temperature. Due to those two factors, we would recommend using impulse piping to move the transmitter away from the pipe or vessel to dissipate heat or use a diaphragm seal with a higher temp fill fluid to isolate the transmitter from the process temperature.