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working on interface level transmitters

Hello  Guys ,

I am currently working to fix an issue with my interface level measurement for 3 phase separator . I am using rosemount 5302 for the same 

on going through the manual i could find that the tank height is required for calculation of level as the level is found by subtracting the echo point from tank height .

However i could observe that its a common practice among technicians to enter the tank height same as the probe length. is this correct.?

how does the tank height control the actual interface  level measurement  ? how does the low reference point get affected with change in tank height ?

I am expecting a detailed explanation on the above query 

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  • Hello Vasanth,
    As with all top-down level instruments, it is essential to key in the proper tank height in order to get a proper measurement of level. For a Rosemount 5300, the "tank height" parameter is totally independent on the "probe length" and they can thus be set individually. With that said, note that the radar will of coursee not be able to measure levels below the probe end.
    Consequently: It is the tank height that set the reference point for both level and interface readings and our recommendation as well as best practice is thus to key in the actual tank height from tank bottom up to the radar flange as "tank height".
    Also note that it is also essential to set the "probe length" parameter to the actual probe length as this will define how the radar will work when the tank level is low / the tank is empty. If you use a flexible probe with weight; please note that it is the probe length down to the top of the weight that define the "probe length". for rigid and coaxial probes; the "probe length" include the entire probe. The probe length is normally set at factory, but please bear in mind to change the "probe length" parameter if the probe is cut in the field.
    I hope this will claryfy the matter! You are of course welcome to contact us if you need further explanations and details!
    Best regards,