New, Robust, Drop-in-place DP Flow Metering Solution for Tough Applications

Today’s manufacturing environments can be tough. This is especially true in the refining and chemical industries where the manufacturing teams are continually raising the bar to achieve maximum quality and efficiency, while minimizing waste and eliminating safety incidents. High temperatures, dirty liquids, and extreme process conditions require measurement equipment that will ensure reliability and keep the people who are operating the equipment safe. When process improvements are implemented, shutdown and turnaround times need to be kept short. Anything to improve and simplify the installation and procurement process can help mitigate significant costs and keep projects on schedule. For a long time, the assembled DP flow meter offering was limited and required procurement of separate components with on-site assembly to meet the process application needs. We introduced the new 9295 Process Meter as drop-in-place solution for challenging flow measurement applications to address those unmet needs. Some key features that differentiate the new flow meter are:

  • Piping class gate valves, which are inherently Fire Safe Valves
  • Flanged connections for process installation
  • Conditioning Orifice technology to eliminate straight run requirements
  • Roddable ports to enable easy cleanout of impulse piping, even under flowing conditions
  • Integral temperature sensor to reduce pipe penetrations
  • Redundant measurement configurations for improved safety applications

The Rosemount 9295 is the industry’s first pre-assembled, integrated differential pressure (DP) flow meter solution that streamlines procurement, installation, and maintenance for continuous service in demanding environments. This simple drop-in solution uses proven Conditioning Orifice Plate technology to eliminate straight pipe run requirements. A roddable design allows for removal of impulse line plugging without process shutdown. Redundant transmitter assemblies are available for increased safety and reliability in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS or SIL).

This video provides a really good high-level overview of the new process flow meter: