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can't see Rosemount radar level on wireless gateway using a wireless THUM

Here is some back ground:

Existing DeltaV DCS v14.3

Existing Rosemount Wireless gateway, talking modbus to DeltaV for cybersecurity reasons

Gateway is AMS ready and several devices on the gateway are available in AMS 

Newly installed radar gauge on a tank using a THUM.

The gateway shows the THUM listed on the explorer tab of the web interface, but HART status is red

The gateway shows the level transmitter as good HART status (green) but does not show any last update, PV, TV, SV, QV or Burst data

AMS v14.+  is not listing these devices even when rescanning the gateway node, (full scan of all devices)

Another curious thing, the level transmitter is not listed in the pick list in the Modbus mapping table, like the gateway doesnt know its there, yet it is listed in the explorer view.

Is it possible that the THUM needs to be configured to pass the level transmitter variables? This is not the first application of  transmitter, THUM and this specific gateway at our site. for some reason this one is not working, and the THUM doesnt show the same contigent of populated fields in AMS as the working one does.

Any help would really be appreciated, and this post may help others in the future.

Thanks, Mark