Velocity reading from 3051SMV

hi, is it possible to assign the Velocity value from a 3051SMV transmitter to a hart variable?

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  • Hi Stuart. Fluid velocity is not a device variable in the Rosemount 3051SMV transmitter so therefore cannot be outputted from the SMV. Mass or volumetric flow rates are the default choices.
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    Allison, is the 3051SMV applicable to Lease Custody Transfer, and is there a link to the Hart Register Table?
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    Hi Steve,
    The Rosemount 3051SMV can and has been used in custody transfer applications in many instances. Though, depending on the country, there may be additional certification required in order to use the device for custody transfer such as in Canada where a “Measurement Canada Accuracy Approval” must be provided which the SMV has and is driven by an option code.

    By "HART Register Table" I assume you’re referring to the Variable Mapping function which is used to define which process variable will be mapped to each HART variable. The list of these process variables are:
    • Differential Pressure
    • Absolute Pressure
    • Gauge Pressure
    • Process Temp
    • Flow
    • Energy Flow
    • Total Flow

    These can be found within the configuration menu tree on page 64 of the Rosemount 3051SMV Product Manual under Output Conditions -> Process Variables. They can also be found in the Variable Mapping tab under Device within Engineering Assistant Software.

    Link to Product Manual:

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    Thanks Allison, the Lease Custody Transfer I was referring to is on Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.