Flame & Gas Detection Application Spotlight: Compressor Stations

Compressor stations often include dual fuel turbines using various combinations of natural gas, hydrogen, and diesel as a fuel source. In addition, lubricants are present in the operation of the turbine to provide cooling and to prevent engine wear.

A common safety challenge faced at compressor stations includes when pressurized leaks at critical junctions create atomized fuel or lube oil in the intake or exhaust manifold leading to the risk of combustion when contacting hot operating surfaces within the enclosure. An additional challenge has to do with leaks of pressurized hydrogen or natural gas that could occur at multiple locations and across several compressors within the facility creating an unsafe environment that could lead to an explosion

Do you know which Flame & Gas Detection devices would help address the above concerns to benefit the safety level of your compressor station site? Watch this brief educational video to find out.