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infrared Hydrocarbon

Netsafety MILLENNIUM II Infrared Hydrocarbon

Dear all


Good Day

We are the customers of Netsafety MILLENNIUM II Infrared Hydrocarbon Model No: M21-A-S.It has been observed Gas Sensor of all transmitter not working in field.

And we have been communicated with the factory and the supplier regarding the part (cartridge) and reported not to sell a product to via Emerson and informed us that the shelf life is more than five years note

that we have many cases of failure on the device. As per the manual  Warranty its 5 years and the life work 7-9 year .Please inform you about this and your comment is very important to us as customers .

Netsafety MILLENNIUM II Infrared Hydrocarbon


Model No. : MSH-HC/NC/M

So could you please advise



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  • In reply to Mohammed .M:

    Hello - Thank you for reaching out. I would like to get you in contact with the right individuals to help you identify the issue. Could you please send an email to our Flame & Gas Specialists Team at including the information above? I am confident they can help you move forward with this.
    Ryan Bowlds, P.E. | Director of Product Management, Flame & Gas Detection