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Rosemount Single-Use Sensor Technology Receives Pharma Innovation Award

Emerson has received a Pharma Innovation Award presented by Pharma Manufacturing for the unique Rosemount 550pH Single-Use sensor.

 The benefits of this new liquid analytical sensor technology are described below in an article posted on the Pharma Manufacturing website.

“As the industry shifts from traditional stainless-steel bioreactors to disposable plastic bags, facilities need reliable sensors for vital liquid analysis. Pharma wants the flexibility of single-use methods, but also wants to achieve process control in the same way as with stainless-steel methods, with no degradation in performance. Emerson, with a long history of producing innovative technology, has stepped in provide a possible solution.

The Rosemount 550pH sensor is an electrochemical, fully disposable device with sensor stability of less than 0.005 pH change per day verified by extensive testing. The single-use sensors perform as well as or better than those used in stainless-steel bioreactors. Wherever possible, Emerson maintained industry-standard designs, eliminating the need for additional training. Added features, such as wet storage, overcome challenges that have long been plaguing single-use processing.

Facilities can now experience all the benefits of single-use bioreactors without having to compromise in liquid analytical instrumentation.”

The Pharma Innovation Awards are a celebration of technologies contributing to advancements in risk reduction, product quality improvement and manufacturing efficiency.

The annual Pharma Innovation Awards acknowledge the investment pharmaceutical equipment vendors put into developing and improving their products. The awards are a tribute to those who listen to the needs of the market and their customers, and as a result, have distinguished themselves as leaders in equipment and technology.

All winners were hand-picked by Pharma Manufacturing editors and reviewers throughout the year.

It’s an honor to have the hard work and innovation of Emerson experts recognized.