Emerson Brings Combustion Reliability and Durability to Small to Mid-sized Boiler Applications

 You may know that Emerson combustion technology is renowned for its exceptional durability and reliability in industrial boiler applications. But what if you have small to mid-size boilers? With increasing environmental requirements, users of light industrial and commercial boilers are faced with escalating compliance demands, which in turn increase the need for measurement and control. Many small to mid-size boiler users do not currently measure combustion flue gas, leaving themselves open to regulatory and energy inefficiency problems. Those who are measuring may not be aware of available technologies that offer a higher degree of accuracy and longer sensor life.

For all small to mid-size boiler users, Emerson has good news. We’ve just introduced our first combustion product for this market and users will be happy to know this new combustion control system offers the same sensor reliability found in large industrial technology, but the system is built to the requirements of the small to mid-size boiler users. The new system is called the Rosemount CX1100 and features the patented Rosemount oxygen sensing zirconia cell. The Rosemount CX1100 is designed to meet the boiler requirements of food and beverage, manufacturing, commercial, and municipal applications. The Emerson long-life sensor gives users and OEMs the quality and reliability they need while offering an easy-replacement design, enabling simplified post-warranty service.

Among the system’s features are:

  • Robust all-welded construction eliminates leak points
  • Does not use piped reference air, which reduces installation and maintenance costs
  • Rated to IP66 and Type 4x

With the addition of the Rosemount CX1100, Emerson now offers the full range of boiler combustion technology from the smaller, conventional boilers to high-temperature, multi-measurement hazardous approval applications. In each case, Emerson combustion systems help assure boiler efficiency, reduced emissions and energy consumption, and protection of costly equipment.

Learn more about the Rosemount CX1100 here.