Keep Your Staff Current Conveniently and Cost-Effectively

 Do you wish your personnel knew how to operate and maintain a gas chromatograph with more skill? How about configuring, calibrating, and troubleshooting non-contacting radar? Do you not trust your pH measurements because your staff doesn’t understand pH theory or why and how it works? Plant managers are finding that problems like these can be easily and conveniently overcome with online training courses.

Don’t suffer lack of needed skills in silence. Emerson Educational Services offers interactive, online, and instructor-led training with options designed to develop the critical skills that will enable your staff to maximize the performance of your instruments. You can even set up customized training specific to your organization. Comprehensive training courses teach theory, configuration, maintenance, installation, and troubleshooting skills to instrumentation technicians and engineers.

It's easy to supplement missing experience and education and you can configure training to be convenient for all your personnel. The knowledge your team used to have from years of their experience can now be reacquired from years of Emerson experience.

How could online training work for your plant?

Posted by Deanna Johnson, Director Integrated Marketing Communications for Machine Automation Solutions