Use of Flame Simulator Model: FS-IR-975 and FS-HR-975

Dear Experts 

Flame Detector 975MR has a range of 4μm and 5μm to detect hydrocarbon-based fuel and gas fires

Flame Detector 975HR has a range of 2μm and 5μm to detect hydrogen fires

In order to have in stock just one flame simulator I want to acquire the Flame simulator model FS-HR-975 where according with the spectrum range is able to simulate Methane and Hydrogen spectrum. 

I wonder if it's possible with one flame simulator FS-HR-975 carry out both scenarios?

I look forward to your advice and comments

Best regards

Best regards

Rodrigo Sandoval López | Control Systems and Instrumentation Engineer

  • While it is possible to have the FS-HR-975 carry out both scenarios for the 975HR and 975MR, it is only made to work within specification for the 975HR. The 975MR will likely still detect the simulator for the HR, but distances, ranges, sensitivities, etc. will not line up and may not work as expected. It is recommended to use the appropriate flame simulator for the corresponding detector for best performance.
    - Kevin Stultz, Global Product Manager