Upgrade Your Tank Gauging – One Easy, Affordable Step at a Time

 Many tank gauging systems still rely on old mechanical devices using float or servo technology since plant managers often think replacing a complete tank gauging system is too costly and partial upgrades are fraught with communication problems. A recent white paper entitled Upgrade Your System Step-by-Step explains how emulation can provide a simple and cost-effective solution for tank gauging upgrade projects. Click HERE to get your copy of the white paper.

Replacing a complete tank gauging system is often overly complex and, for large installations, such as within refineries or terminals, it would require a sizable budget. The time frame to commission a new system can also be a major obstacle. Partial upgrades are undesirable because of communication compatibility issues between field instrumentation towards the control room. The electrical interface and protocol software is specific to individual manufacturers, which prevents level gauges, temperature devices, and other equipment developed by alternative manufacturers from communicating within that gauging system.

Tank gauging emulation, however, makes it possible to perform an easy and cost-efficient system upgrade. Users can replace both their old field devices and control room infrastructure incrementally.

Emulation – where modern gauges “talk the language” of the old gauges – enables existing gauges to be replaced with modern technology from alternative vendors, but without the need to make any changes to the communication or wiring infrastructure. The integration of the new devices into the existing tank gauging system will be seamless.

Tank gauging emulation enables users to easily replace old float or servo technology with modern radar level gauges incrementally, one gauge at a time, with minimal disruption and without the need for a large-scale CAPEX project. Upgrades can proceed as the situation demands and when budget is available.

Get your copy of the White Paper HERE.

Have you avoided upgrading tank gauging systems due to cost or complexity?