Understanding API 2350 for Storage Tank Overfill Prevention

Tank Storage: Overfill PreventionStorage tanks are critical assets in the hydrocarbon supply chain and require great care in operating safely and reliably. In a Tank Storage article, Overfill Prevention, Emerson’s Richard Ireland shares updates about the API 2350 standard 5th edition (published September 1, 2000) which addresses overfill prevention in these storage tanks.

Rich opens describing the API 2350 standard.

API 2350 is the standard (of minimum requirements) for overfill prevention in atmospheric storage tanks. The standard (formerly referred to as a ‘Recommended Practice’) is now in its 5th edition.

The scope of this standard applies:

…to all storage terminals with API 650 (atmospheric) tanks that contain NFPA Class I or II liquids and also wheeled vehicles containing the same.

Generally (with some exceptions) it does not apply to tanks of 1,320 US gallons (4,997 L) or less, LPG or LNG storage tanks, tanks covered by PEI RP 600 (Overfill RP for shop-built tanks), or dedicated pipeline relief tanks.

He recommends starting with the glossary of terms if you are not already familiar with this standard. The standard includes this terms, definitions and acronyms section, an overfill prevention system (OPS) section, and Annexes A-G, which:

…are almost acting as an important, built-in reference library containing detailed information, calculations and examples to provide guidance to the owner/operator wishing to comply with the standard. Most of the annex information is for informative purposes where some are more prescriptive (or normative).

Read the article as Rich provides a summary of key sections including:

  • 4.2 Requirements for a management system
  • 4.3 Requirements for a risk assessment
  • 4.4 Defining operating parameters
  • 4.5.1 Procedure for operations
  • 4.5.3 Procedure for testing, inspection and maintenance of OPS equipment
  • 5.1 Types of overfill prevention systems
  • 5.2 Tank category criteria

Make sure to check out Emerson’s The Complete Guide to API 2350, 5th Ed. for more on the basic elements needed for a petroleum tank owner/operator to apply the API 2350 to new or existing tank facilities with minimal effort and maximal gains. Visit the Overfill Prevention section on Emerson.com for more on the technologies and solutions to help ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations.

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