Giving More People Instant Access to Critical Tank Data via Mobile Devices

Mobile software solutions are now enabling a broader range of job functions to gain immediate, secure access to up-to-date tank data.

Being able to instantly access up-to-date critical tank data is vital for many stakeholders in the tank storage and terminals industry. This includes operations and maintenance workers, finance departments, management and corporate level personnel, as well as suppliers, customers, traders, product owners and logistic partners. In an article in Tank Storage magazine, ‘Instant inventory insights, wherever you happen to be’, Per Skogberg, a tank gauging solutions manager with Emerson’s Automation Solutions business, explains how mobile software solutions are now enabling all these job functions to gain immediate, secure access to critical tank data, regardless of their location. Per explains that until now, it has been:

difficult or even impossible for the majority of these stakeholders to get a consolidated, up-to-date overview of tank inventory. All too often the information they need is locked within a legacy tank inventory system, which may only have a single local display and no integration with other control or management systems. Although some companies will have a networked solution, these can often be limited by hardware and bandwidth constraints, or not be designed to allow the sharing of data.

Organizations are therefore seeking new, modern solutions that provide greater functionality, interoperability and secure access to stakeholders that need instant and up-to-date tank data. The article describes how:

…Modern tank inventory management software provides powerful and easy-to-use solutions that collect real-time data such as level, interface level, temperature, density and pressure, and calculates volume and mass for inventory and custody transfer purposes. The software gives organisations an instant, clear overview of all their tanks, and the ability to quickly and easily drill down to detailed information, leading to better decision-making and increased operational efficiency and safety.

Creating extra value, the RosemountTm TankMasterTm Mobile Inventory Management Software application from Emerson – an add-on to the desktop version of Rosemount TankMaster software – can now provide additional benefits through mobility, sharing and networking.



Caption: Rosemount TankMaster Mobile gives users access to live tank data, providing a clear overview of all tanks at a facility, with the ability to quickly drill down to detailed information.



This platform-independent mobile solution not only supports large-scale operations such as refineries and tank farms, but also provides smaller users, with perhaps just a few tanks, with the immediate insights they need. As Per explains:

…The software seamlessly integrates with existing Rosemount TankMaster systems, making it very easy to deploy. Approved users can gain secure mobile access to live tank inventory data via all device types, including smartphones, tablets and computers.

This mobile solution enables stakeholders to access tank data no matter where they are located, and to share the data both internally and externally. The application is responsive and switches automatically between desktop and smartphone or tablet versions. Further supporting ease of use, the application is optimized for touchscreens and the interface automatically adjusts to fit the size of the screen being used.



Caption: By making real-time data available to a wider range of stakeholders via smartphones, tablets and computers, Rosemount TankMaster Mobile facilitates better decision-making and improved operational efficiency and safety.



The software enables tanks to be organized into different customized groups, for example based on product or physical location. As the article explains:

…This supports efficiency by enabling personnel in the field to keep track of tanks more easily. All the tank information is presented on adaptive tank cards, which give an immediate overview of critical inventory data and can differ in size, depending on which tank parameters the user wants to display. Mobile software also enables users to create watchlist groups by clicking an icon on the tank card to quickly and easily bookmark specific tanks of special importance that require close monitoring.

Of course, whenever wider access to operational data is granted, it is of the highest importance to have robust cybersecurity measures in place. Per notes that the TankMaster Mobile software:

…is compliant with the International Electrotechnical Commission’s IEC 62443-3-3 standard, relating to system security requirements and security levels. The design of these solutions is based on a three-tier network architecture, with dual-factor login to help ensure that only authorised users can access the system, and encrypted data communication between system components to protect against unauthorised access. User management systems control access to specific tanks and data points, enabling different user groups to be created with different privileges.



Caption: With valuable tank data no longer siloed in the control room, inventory insights can be securely shared throughout the entire organization and even externally.



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