Stepwise Tank Gauging Modernization

Instrumentation for manufacturing continues to improve as the electronics grow ever more powerful. Modernizing instrumentation such as tank gauging level sensors on bulk liquids storage tanks has been made easier through emulation technology.

This quick, 1-minute YouTube video, Tank Gauging Emulation: Unlock the Potential in Your System, shows how older, less reliable level measurement devices can be upgraded, one-by-one, with the new instruments emulating the communications of the old instruments.

This tank gauging emulation technology allows seamless replacement of old or malfunctioning field and control room equipment using the same cabling and communications protocol. Via emulation, communication signals are imitated so the rest of the system functions as usual.

The new gauges “talk the language” of the old so there is no need to make any changes to the communication or field wiring, and you can use the existing host system.

From a control room emulation perspective, the Rosemount 2460 System Hub supports emulation of other suppliers’ control room devices, enabling gauges from different suppliers to be connected to TankMaster.

The pace of replacing the old with the new can be a function of the maintenance budget available. This method provides a step-by-step approach to modernization of the instruments and control room equipment until the emulation is no longer required and the instruments can communicate via modern wired and wireless digital protocols.

You can connect and interact with other level measurement and tank gauging experts in the Level and Tank Gauging groups in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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