Hygienic Non-Contacting Radar Level Measurement

At the Emerson Exchange Americas Virtual Series, Emerson’s Felix Johansson and Patricia Borghede introduce the world’s first non-contacting radar level transmitter designed for food & beverage applications. Here is their presentation abstract:

To meet the need for highly accurate and reliable level measurement in hygienic applications, Emerson has developed the Rosemount 1408H Level Transmitter, the world’s first non-contacting radar device designed specifically for the food and beverage industry. Dedicated features include a hygienic compact design, fast sweep technology, exceptional radar beam focusing and IO-Link communications, helping manufacturers to optimize the efficiency of their operations, reduce product losses and ensure food safety.

Felix opened discussing the soon-to-be-released Rosemount 1408H non-contacting radar level transmitter that is reliable, accurate, compatible with many types of applications, compact and easy to install and operate.

Rosemount 1408H non-contacting radar level transmitterPatricia described how accurate level measurements can reduce product loss by helping avoid finished products washed out or overfilled due to inaccurate readings and lack of overfill protection.

From a production maximization perspective, accurate level measurement can help avoid unnecessary downtime on commissioning, maintenance, calibration and planning problems from inaccurate readings.

Felix explained how these transmitters can be connected into the automation systems through many different methods including Ethernet/IP and Profinet and IO-Link.

From a workflow standpoint, manual rounds can be removed which can free up labor resources for more productive activities.

From a production maximization standpoint, tanks can be fully utilized without have to leave an operating margin caused by infrequent manual level readings.

From a food safety perspective, the Rosemount 1408H has been designed to meet strict hygienic requirements. It’s the first hygienic non-contacting radar with IO-Link and optimized for the food & beverage industry.

Visit the Hygienic & Sanitary Measurement instrumentation section on Emerson.com for more on measurement technologies for food & beverage and life sciences industries.

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