Storage Terminal Reliability Podcast Series

Storage Terminal Continuous Corrosion MonitoringStorage terminals play a critical role in the movements of hydrocarbon-related products through their supply chains. Because large tanks handle hazardous and flammable fluids, safety is of paramount concern. In a series of storage terminal reliability podcasts, Emerson experts will share ways that safety, environmental and operational risks can be mitigated. Emerson’s Manuel Arroyo, Director, Oil & Gas Industry Programs kicks off this podcast series by highlighting some of the risks & challenges and previews some of the technologies that can help these terminals improve reliability, safety, environmental compliance and terminal operations. You can listen to his comprehensive overview here.

Learn how to:

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs with Emerson’s reliability consulting services
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership for Isolation Valves
  • Increase Throughput with Pump Health & Performance Monitoring

Next in this podcast series, we explore Corrosion Monitoring to Improve Storage Terminal Reliability.

During our Storage Terminal Safety series, we introduced our Safer Terminal Operations with Continuous Corrosion Monitoring Podcast episode, where we addressed how undetected hydrocarbon leaks can cause irreparable environmental damage if gone without detection. Using continuous corrosion monitoring to proactively collect data on pipe integrity over time, operators can avoid environmental incidents, as well as increase operational performance, while putting a limit to the time personnel are in hazardous locations.

In our next reliability podcast episode, Emerson’s Dag Joraholmen will discuss how corrosion monitoring can reduce the need for reactive maintenance while increasing the overall reliability of your terminal operations across the production lifecycle.

Our technologies and professional consultation can improve reliability by:

  • Enabling confident upskilling and workforce transitioning
  • Reduce Maintenance and increase ROI with scalable solutions to your production challenges
  • Preventing loss of containment for multiple industries

Visit the Storage Terminal Reliability and the Corrosion & Erosion Monitoring sections on for more on the technologies and solutions to help you drive safer, more reliable, and more efficient terminal operations.

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