Flow and Density Technologies in Food and Beverage Production

In a presentation at the Emerson Exchange EMEA 2024, Abdurrahman Ayar, co-founder of IO PROCESS Elektronik Makine San. Ve Tic A.Ş.,​ outlined the use of flow and density measurement technologies within food and beverage applications.

Based in Izmir, on Turkey’s Aegean coast, IO PROCESS provides engineering and maintenance services for measurement control and instrumentation products. The company delivers instrumentation solutions to help its customers optimize their processes, and during the presentation Ayar provided an excellent example at a beverage company in Turkey.

The customer produces fruit juice and as part of the process, sugar syrup is added to fruit juice concentrate. The amount of syrup inserted determines the quantity of water and sugar added. Precise measurement of the syrup is essential to maximize efficiency and ensure quality. ​The customer was previously using a magnetic flow meter to measure the sugar syrup. However, this technology was not enabling them to optimize the process. The capabilities of Emerson’s Micro MotionTm Coriolis Mass Flow Meters were outlined to the customer, including the beneficial differences between volumetric and mass flow measurements. It was explained that by utilizing a mass flow measurement, the customer would be able to ensure more precise proportions of sugar syrup. In addition, with the density parameters provided by the mass flow meter, it would be possible to directly control the water and sugar ratios.

The flow and density measurements provided by the Micro Motion Coriolis Mass Flow Meters have helped to optimize water and sugar consumption.

To encourage the customer to upgrade its measurement solution, IO PROCESS suggested installing the Coriolis and magnetic flow meter on the same line for a trial period. This enabled the customer to observe the differences between mass and volume measurement. The results were noticeable, and now thanks to the high-precision flow and density measurement provided by the Micro Motion flow meter, the amount of water and sugar can be determined more precisely, helping to optimize the process.

The Rosemount 1408H Level Transmitter helps overcome the issue of density changes.

Ayar explained that IO PROCESS also provided the customer a solution to improve level measurement. Previously, a pressure transmitter had been used to measure the level in the preparation tanks. However, changes in liquid density prevented accurate measurements. The installation of a RosemountTm 1408H Level Transmitter from Emerson helped to overcome this issue. The device, which has been specifically designed for food and beverage applications, uses 80 GHz radar technology, which is not impacted by density changes. This ensures precise and reliable measurements.​ The success of this first installation has resulted in the replacement of the level sensors on all the juice preparation tanks.



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