Reliable and Stable Bioprocessing Single-Use Sensors

In an Emerson Exchange Americas Virtual Series presentation, Validating Single-Use Sensor Performance and Integration with Bioreactors, Emerson’s Brandon Haschke highlighted these technologies. Here is the presentation abstract:

Single-use technologies are a rapidly growing sector of life sciences manufacturing. These technologies reduce costs in manufacturing and increase a manufacturing facility’s flexibility, allowing for quick implementation of changes. Emerson has developed a portfolio of technologies that are compatible with the unique challenges of this industry, including measurement robustness, sterility, shelf-life, and ease of installation & use. This session will cover a sample of the testing conducted by Emerson & third parties and review the data obtained in order to demonstrate these sensor’s characteristics and viability for the single-use market.

Brandon opened showing a single-use pH sensor. He described how the measurement chamber glass is filled with a buffer fluid to keep the sensor wet at all times and provide reliable measurements. It’s designed for fast installation and removal to enable less switchover time between batches.

Rosemount 550PH single-use pH sensorHe explained how sensor stability was tested to assure accuracy over time in a wet storage solution up and using the sensor. The buffer is phosphate-based and compliant with USP 788. The Rosemount 550PH requires less operator interaction than other pH sensors due to their high stability.

The sensor can be verified at any point in the manufacturing process as irradiation does not affect buffer pH. The bag does not need t be filled to perform initial one-point calibration on sensor and can start reading pH immediately.

Brandon also noted that there is a reduced risk of glass breakage due to sensor glass being retracted into the body of the sensor during installation and shipment.

Visit the Rosemount 550pH Single-Use Sensor page on for more on this sensor and its use in bioprocessing single-use applications.

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